Local Buying Tips

  1. Talk to a local lender and get pre-approved. You will need to know how much you can afford BEFORE you begin looking at homes, A pre-approval letter is often required when your real estate agent submits an offer.
  2. Find a real estate agent that you like and trust. Buying a home is one of the largest purchases you will make-you want someone who will help you navigate the buying process!
  3. Evaluate the home’s proximity to other important locations in your life-How long of a commute are you willing to have? How far are you from friends and family? Is there a hospital nearby?
  4. Make sure you are comfortable where the home is located. Drive around the neighborhood during the day and at night.
  5. Visit and understand the school district. Even if you don’t have children that will immediately attend school, you may some day.
  6. If you already have a home and plan to keep it as a rental investment, make sure you let your lender know this. Having two homes can affect what is required for a down payment and your mortgage could be higher.
  7. If you don’t understand something or have questions-ask your real estate agent! There are no dumb questions when it comes to buying a home!